Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HCG Day 15

June 30, 2010
Day 15 on HCG drops
Day 13 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 223.0 down 16.2 lbs

10:00 am

Well I have been awake since before 7 am again! LOL I actually am trying to stay on the same schedule with my drops and I usually do them between 7 and 7:30 am. I can't sleep past then anyway. I even stayed up till midnight last night. Man that's weird to think that is late for me now. I am so used to being unable to go to sleep till after 2 am! Since starting this program I am up by 7 awake all day and sleepy at night when I am supposed to be sleepy! Not during the day when I was sleepy before! I am only down .6 today. I am kinda bummed but not discouraged. All the literature says that is to be expected. There will be some small number days and even plateaus to get through. The 1st week is supposed to be dramatic numbers then it slows down a bit. My concern is, what if this smaller number is due to my having mixed tomato and onion with my lettuce last night? I'm gonna stick to 1 veg at a time from now on. That's the way Dr Simeons set it up so I'm gonna stick to it! Had a cup of coffee this morning. Yum... That is also better. My reaction to coffee used to send me way over the top. I could no longer handle the caffeine. It would make me very jittery and now it isn't doing that anymore! YAY I CAN HAVE COFFEE AGAIN! I am noticing a few minor breakouts on my scalp. Seems I remember going through that during 1 of my pregnancies too. May be a reaction to the hormone. I am also still pretty heavy on my TOM when I should be coming off tomorrow. I hope it doesn't go long due to the hormone. I know that IS a possible side effect! Read a comment on one HCG Forum of a woman who once her TOM started she stayed on it for weeks until she was off the drops! Please Dear God don't let that happen to me!!!!!!!!! Least the cramps are gone! That's better!!
OK gonna check facebook now!


10:30 am

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I had Mike do my measurements, still an issue with placement on my thigh, but I think we got it figured out! If we did this right then, I have lost 10.5 inches from all over my body since last week! I have lost like 3 inches around my ribcage alone! No wonder my bra is fitting differently. I have NOT lost a lot in my actual cup size though. I am kinda surprised at that.

Starting to get a little hungry, think I may have my fruit early...


1:00 pm

Having a sandwich of left over roast!! I used lettuce to "sandwich" it. I broke up 1 plain grissini on the bottom lettuce, sprinkled the lettuce with onion powder, salt n pepper, put a little mustard on there and 3.5 ounces of yummy roast!! It's everything I like on a roast sandwich except I usually have mayo and cheese, not mustard. Still really very good and the breadstick gives me the flavor of bread!


6:15 PM

Just had dinner. I made Basil Chicken for the family and a slightly different variation of the same thing for myself. They all said the chicken is awesome! I have to say mine was pretty good but needs some tweaking. Made my own tomato sauce for the 1st time so it was kinda watery and I'd like to make it more like the canned stuff... Made mached taters and green beans for the fam and was not even tempted to taste it. The taters kinda made me sick to smell them!! How weird is that?!

Still feeling good, been very productive. Made a new batch of precooked chicken for me and diced it all up into single servings baggies and put it in the freezer! Saved the broth. I accidentally cooked a few brehem so I strained the broth through a bunch of paper towels in a collander. It seems to have worked I didnt see all the fat on top when I was done, plus it got all the gunk out of the broth! Now I have 3, 2 cup containers of broth for making soups n stuff and a small container of broth to use when I want to sautee something. Made strawberry smoothies for me and the kids today, made mine 1st with no milk or cream and then made some for them with milk and a little cream, that turned out so thick I had to serve it in bowls! LOL They liked it though!

That's all for now,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HCG Day 14

June 29, 2010
Day 14 on HCG drops
Day 12 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 223.6 down 15.6 lbs

9:50 AM

Got up at 7 and did my drops but since I didn't have to take anyone to school as Summer School is OVER I went back to bed. I got up about 1 1/2 hours later or so and that's when I weighed. Happy to see over a pound gone from yesterday!!

Back later


11:30 AM

Just had a small hurdle to cross. My daughters were having breakfast and Lisa was heating some sausage links in the microwave. I went in there to make some lemonade (cuz I wanted to try it). I mentioned how good the sausage smelled and it was making me feel hungry (of course) and it was hard on me, she then thought it was funny to wave her sausage in my face! I know she didn't understand how that made me feel, so I told her! I hope she gets it that I can't have her doing that, it was just plain mean! They both ended up making toast while I was still in the room which was also a smell that got to me! I just made me a cup of coffee and walked out of the room!! I did good stayed strong! Yay me!

Now if I could just get them to clean their ROOMS!


7:50 PM

Just finished dinner, taco salad, it was SO GOOD!!! I posted the recipe on my recipe blog so check it out! I'm feeling good, got all the old laundry caught up now I am working on the current stuff that was in the bedroom!! LOL Got the kids working on their rooms today! Wonders never cease!! I think I am gonna get off the computer for the night! I have been on facebook ALL DAY (between laundry and cooking and cleaning)!! I am so grateful for the HCG Friends I have made on facebook!!


Monday, June 28, 2010

HCG Day 13

June 28, 2010
Day 13 on HCG drops
Day 11 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 224.8 down 14.4 lbs

8:35 AM

Just dropped off Amanda for her last day of summer school! YAY! She passed her tests on Friday so today is just for picking up report cards! I am so proud of her!!!

Am THRILLED I lost almost 2 lbs yesterday!! I had tuna for lunch and a taco salad for dinner. I tried making my taco salad with ground steak, but I didn't like it as much as with ground hamburger. Plus I love taco salad with all the fixins so it was kinda blah. I'm gonna have my chicken salad with fruit medley today. I did that Saturday at the party and it was so good! I am looking forward to doing it again. I'll post the recipe today in my HCG Recipe Blog!

I read that constipation can be a problem on this diet but I'm having the opposite reaction. Only once or twice a day though, so it's not dehydrating me. Maybe it's cuz I am drinking like twice the amount of water that you have to. But I feel thirsty a lot so I drink a lot! I'm going through 4 - 5 quarts of water a day now!

I'm losing some inches but I haven't been able to get an accurate measurement. 1st time we did it we measured "wrong" 2nd time we did it nothing much had changed on the few we did get right. I have measured myself, just the parts I can, and I have lost about 1/2 inch on my neck and maybe a up to 2 on my waist. I'll have to wait for my hubby to measure me to be sure though and he'll do that Wed.

I have just about 2 more weeks on the drops and then the 3 days of 500 before my maintanence phase. I am trying to prepare myself for those days when I suddenly have to start eating regularly again. I think it will be difficult to make myself eat as much as 1500 cal a day after so long on eating so little! Guess the lack of drops will make me hungry enough to make it happen! LOL

OK I am just rambling on now. I'll be back later!


10:13 am

Making a roast for dinner tonight! I have replaced my usual potatoes with cabbage and onion. I still have the carrots in there which I can't eat. But I'm gonna separate my part from the families part later. I'm just gonna eat the cabbage and roast. I think everyone is gonna love it. I know I loved the stuff I made myself the other day! Will post the recipe on my HCG Friendly Recipiesblog too!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

HCG Day 12

June 27, 2010
Day 12 on HCG drops
Day 10 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 226.6 down 12.6 lbs

8:00 AM

I have been awake since about 6:30 this morning. Got up to pee and went back to bed right away but was wide awake so I just got up LOL. I just weighed in and have only lost .8 since yesterday but thats cool cuz I am at a total of 12.6 lbs since starting this whole thing 12 days ago! That is an average of a lb a day! I've already done my drops now and I am making sure to wait plenty of time before brushing my teeth or drinking anything!!!

The small weight loss today may also be due to my cycle, or just the fact that everyone usually sees a stall after about the 1st week or so of losing a lot. It's cool, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and it will start falling off again! I am really hoping my energy goes back up today! I think I am gonna get some B12 drops today too since they help with energy.

OK nothing else to report right now...


11:23 am

GRRRR I am waiting for a plumber to call me! I was doing laundry, yes still have laundry I am catching up on. But I was on a roll!! I only have like maybe 4 more loads, maybe 5 if I need to break one up. Anyway, I am stuck now waiting cuz the pipe under the house is clogged AGAIN! This pipe does this at least once a year I swear! So frustrating! I wanna do more laundry and I wanna run the dishwasher cuz it is ready now too, and I can't do either! Kitchen is clean, kitchen floor swept have to wait for new swiffer wet jet pads to do the mopping of the floor. I could start on another project but I don't wanna lose momentum on the one I've got going now! I started calling plumbers at like 9:30 this morning, 2 freakin hours ago! This sux!

Oh also, I thought I'd make a note of this, last night/this morning, I woke up after a bad dream. In my dream I had a plate full of really bad for me foods, like fries and other stuff I don't even know what is was. I just remember knowing I should not be eating it, but in my dream I was piggin out on it!! I felt so disappointed in myself and very upset, in my dream I gave the plate to my son and said take it away from me!! Then I woke up and was so relieved to realize it was only a bad dream!! SCARY!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

HCG Day 11

June 26, 2010
Day 11 on HCG
Day 9 on Phase 2
Weight 227.4, down 11.8 lbs total

7:15 AM

OMG I am so freakin out, but in a good way!!! I started my TOM yesterday, that sux, but I weighed in at 2 lbs less today that yesterday!! Paying attention to the calories really helps! Keep thinking about trying to go longer on the drops but I just really want to be in my 2nd 3 weeks of the 6 week maint phase when we go. That way I can do round 2 like 2 weeks after we get back.

Wish me luck we have a bday party at noon today. I am thinking I will take my fruit with me, hell my whole lunch with me, cuz I wont be home till 2. I usually eat around 1. I think I will take it with me that way I am not starving when I'm there cuz you know there will be munchies and cake and ice cream. None of which I can have!! I'm gonna be strong though!


8:30 AM

Made a great looking salad to take with me for lunch today, it's baby spinach, chicken, strawberries and oranges (the left over fruit medley from yesterday) with vinagrette dressing and a breadstick!!! All for about 180 calories!! YEAH BABY!


9:20 am

OMG I am cramping SO FREAKIN BAD!!! Hope they go away soon!! I've always had bad period cramps though so I am not worried. I just can't take my usual meds for it. GRRRR


2:00 PM

I am home from the party. I did great! They served chili dogs and cheese puffs and fritos and OMG that all looked so good! Some of my favs! There was red velvet cake too, but that's never been one of my favs so that actually didn't even tempt me. I am more hungry than usual today! I think I know why, but not sure. I started my TOM yestderday so that might have something to do with it. But also, when I did my morning drops, I brushed my teeth right after. Just wasn't thinking! You are supposed to wait to do that for at least 15 minutes to allow them to be absorbed fully into the body. This is what helps the hunger! I will do the drops in about another 10 minutes for my 2nd time today, and see if that helps cuz right now I am hungry already. Usually I have lunch around 1 and today I had to eat about 11/11:30. Boy I sure hope the drops help!! Cuz dinner time is hours away! I may have to have my evening fruit early to help curb this hunger. If the drops don't cut it, I will do that! I am finding it hard to eat that fruit at dinner time anyway so, it will be ok!

GRRRR I just took a drink of my water! Now I have to wait another 15 minutes! LOLOL I am such a dork! I had my son take my water bottle from me! I am on my 4th qt for the day already though! That's awesome!

I am very VERY proud of myself for NOT giving in to the temptation today tho!! I just raved about the diet to everyone who would listen too!!


7:41 PM

OK I am finally not hungry today. Made roast beef and cabbage for dinner and it was so dang good!!!! And filling! I made a blog for recipes too I am not sure how to link to it or if you can see it on this page. Hopefully you can get to it from here. I'll post a link if not....

I am so tired today, I think the TOM and the mess up with the drops this morning just really has me feeling run down today. Gonna go chill with my boys! Both my girls are staying with friends tonight so it's just me and my men tonight!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

HCG Day 10

June 25, 2010
Day 10 on HCG
Day 8 on Phase 2
Weight 229.4, down 9.8 lbs total

7:30 AM

Ok then it's another day and I am feeling much more secure in my knowledge of what I am doing. I have read the book that came with my drops. It explains the details of the diet and how it works. Tips and tricks for when you stall or plateau. I now know why you must maintain the weight for the 6 weeks after losing it. NOT KEEP LOSING! It is important because it "resets" your body's "normal" weight. This is the weight your body thinks it should be after having been that weight for so long. Meaning it will try to gain back everything you lost! I also read that the way the drops work is by making the body release 1500 to 4000 calories a day (depending on the individual) from your body's own abnormal fat stores. This is why you can survive on 500 calories a day of food without feeling like you are starving or burning muscle!! The body releases the stored fat and nutrients withing those cells and absorbes the nutrients and gets rid of the fat, burns it up as energy. It doesn't really use what you are eating for energy at all. Very interesting!

**Side Note**
About the maintenence phase. I also read it helps to prevent the sagging skin that comes from losing so much so fast. Probably more of a problem for people like me, who have been so big for so many years, my skin wont just shrink as I go, it may need time to catch up to my body. Not quite sure how it works. However I know that proper nutrition plays a role in whether you skin shrinks back or not. So when I get to phase 3 I will follow the advice in the book and take vitamin and mineral supplements and eat like I am supposed to! One of the probs people have is when they don't eat enough on phase 3.

I am so happy to see the scale go down again today!

Don't know what is up with my tummy but I lost another lb almost in one trip to the bathroom. Hope I don't have a bug and I hope nothing I ate last night upset my tummy. Will keep an eye on that!...

OK gotta go plan my day. Don't want those calories sneakin up on me again!!!

9:30 am

I love Excel! I just created a 500 calorie weekly menu. I Love the "SUM" thing in Excel cuz I made a chart that all I have to do is add the food and how many cals per item and it adds up the cals per meal AND the total for two meals in a day! I made 7 days of meals that are 500 cals or less!! I feel so productive! This will take a lot of the guess work out of my days! I can now look at this chart and just pick any of the days that sound good to me that morning and plan for it!

Well I'm gone for now!!

10:30 AM

WOO HOO doing a happy dance!!! I finally got one of my laundry baskets EMPTY!! I have been so tired and lethargic for so many years that all my housework has suffered greatly (to say the least). I truly believed I was just a lazy person and a slob! Since starting this diet, I cleaned my kitchen and have kept it clean, plus kept up with the dishes every day. I am also catching up on all the laundry that has just sat there for (this is embarrassing to say) years! I actually had some stuff in the bottom of this bastket that was a size 6 (my daughter's). She is 13 years old now!!!! Mind you she was wearing size 6 till she was like 8 but that is still years that this little outfit had been in the bottom of a basket. I do laundry like once a week at most, normally. Just enough to make sure my kids had clothes to wear to school and my hubby has clothes to wear to work. Usually did towels and washrags when we ran out of clean ones. But that was about as much as I ever did and NOT because I felt like it either. I only did it cuz it HAD TO BE DONE! That's how I did my clothes too. I washed them when I ran out of clean clothes to wear! My goal is to get all those clothes out of the laundry room! Get rid of what no one can wear anymore. Put away the clothes they can! Then keep up with the laundry like I am keeping up with the kitchen. My laundry (always) ends up sitting in the dining room cuz there is no room in the laundry "room". It's only big enough for the washer and dryer, the baskets have to set on top of the washer n dryer and when they got too full I started a pile in front of the doors to that "room". It's more like a closet. That is something I plan to stop doing!! I am making a great start to that!


1:00 PM (well almost)

Having my left over roastbeef and onion soup for lunch today and made some fruit medley from strawberries and an orange to have for my fruit. Am really ready to eat too!!
I realized bout half way through my soup that it seemed to be too much meat, so I just finished the broth and onions and tossed out about 2 oz of the beef. Next time I make this I will use 1 serving at a time to do it so I don't end up splitting up the beef unevenly!

Gonna let my daughter play online for awhile.

Be back around dinner!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

HCG Day 9

June 24, 2010
Day 9
Day 7 on phase 2
Weight 231, down 8.2 lbs

7:30 AM

Well today is just getting started and I am kinda bummed cuz I only lost 2 oz. I think that is still the effects of my cheating the other night. Not gonna let that stop me though!!! They say in the books and everything I've read online that when you cheat you will not lose for a couple days, but if you stay on plan you will start losing again. I will stick to the plan!!! I have done my drops this morning, and am just about to get the day started! I have lots more laundry to catch up on so there's no way i am gonna be bored today! LOL. See ya later when I report back at lunchtime!


9:30 AM

I just had the other half of the fruit salad I made last night. I was hungry and needed a little breakfast.

I also needed to say I still have not used any lip balm. I still need to dab on some mineral oil several times through the day. Not nearly as often as I'd have used lip balm if I could LOL.

Back later!

1:17 PM

Having lunch! YUM I made a chili burger. I used the chili tomato sauce I got from DIYHCG and a burger patty I got from them too. My hubby grilled up my burgers for me this past Sunday so I have them frozen and ready to heat n eat. I just poured a serving of the tomato sauce over the burger patty and added some more spice to heat it up a bit. Then covered the bowl in glad press n seal to keep it moist. I used the defrost option on the mic so it didnt over cook. This is so good! I cut my patty into little bite sized pieces and am eating it all with a spoon!! I also added some crumbled melba snack rounds to it. The don't stay crunchy though. Need to find something else I can do that will. Found liquidhcgdiet,com and they actually have a larger list of approved foods on their list. May try some of the crackers they have listed. Gonna probably have half an apple later between lunch and dinner. Been looking into what Phase 3 is going to be like. I am looking forward to being able to add more veggies and different proteins to my diet! I miss carrots!


3:26 PM

I am gonna have to stop looking up HCG websites. There are so many out there that have many variations in the foods that are allowed on the low cal phase. It is confusing. Plus there are some sites that suggest all these other products to use while on the drops and they are expensive. I just need to focus on what I am doing, otherwise I am liable to fall for every "add on" the internet has to offer for this diet! G'S

I also keep running across recipes that call for 2 or more veggies mixed together. That's also not allowed. I don't get it. I'd like to try these recipes when I'm past this phase though. I think they'd be great.

Figured out today that I can only do this for 23 to 25 days at the most, due to my vacation coming up in August. If I stayed on the drops longer then I'd still be in my 1st 3 weeks of the 3rd phase. As it is, I'll be in my 2nd 3rd week, which is when I am supposed to slowly add startches and sugars. This means while on vaca I'll have a little more freedom of what to eat. We will surely be going out to eat sometimes. However I plan to bring good healthy snacks for on the road. Plus where we are staying has a full kitchen and I'll be able to buy groceries and fix my own food as often as I like. Which I am planning to do.

OK nothing else to say for now.


7:00 pm

OMG I just figured up my total calories for each day this past week and I was over 500 on 4 out of 7 days! I had no idea! I was just eating 1 protein 1 veg 1 fruit and 1 breadstick or melba for each meal. I didn't think I had to count it all up but guess what, I DO! I have created a calorie tracker in excel so from now on I will be keeping a count of each meal everyday so this doesn't happen again. No wonder I only lost 2 oz!!!

Hope to see better results tomorrow! I stayed under 500 today, by 12 LOL


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HCG Day 8

June 23, 2010
Day 8 on HCG
Day 6 on the Low Cal Phase
Weight 231.2 Up 1.8 = down a total of 8

OK so I went up, that was to be expected. I know yesterday's "loss" of 3 lbs was only due to dehydration from drinking alcohol the night before. I always drop a few lbs after drinking, then go right back to my norm the next day. So I probably really only lost 1 lbs yesterday and am back to where I would have been anyway. I am not discouraged! Just makes me more determined to NOT CHEAT AGAIN!

OK had my drops and am waiting to take my girl to summer school. I don't have anything else to add yet this morning.


9:30 AM

Just created this blog. I don't know if it will make this journal easier or not than what I've already been doing with facebook, but I thought I'd give it a shot! I can just post this link or send it to friends who want to keep up with my journey rather than having a new note daily posting on all my friends walls!

Still doing good feeling good today. Have some laundry to do and a little cleaning I want to get to. I also want to take the kids to the store later and gamestop.

I've been having some back pain the last few days. I am thinking it may be due to the drops, they are a hormone that can possibly effect the cycle of a woman so perhaps it's doing that to me. Also a possible side effect is leg cramps. I figure maybe my cramping is in my back instead.....

I really don't have anything else new to report

Be back later

1 pm

LUNCH! Good, I was getting pretty hungry!

I made an iced coffee drink in the blender earlier. I know I am allowed coffee, but since I usually can't handle the caffeine I am a little worried how hyper I'll get since I am already way hyper from the diet! LOL Oh well lets see how much laundry Tammy can do!!! Anyway back to lunch...

2 cups Baby Spinach, 100 g seasoned chicken breast, 1/2 of a green apple cored and diced, sea salt and pepper and 2 T of the HCG Vinagrette. Plus 1 garlic Grisini breadstick broken up into small pieces in the salad. Man this is good vinagrette. I don't like most vinagrette dressings but I like this stuff! I also don't usually add fruit to a salad either. But I did this last week and found I really liked it. So I am doing it again!

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a cheese lover! It has been 6 days since I had ANY CHEESE! In fact, the only dairy I have had is the 1 T of 2% milk I added to my iced coffee drink today. I know one of my friends who will be REALLY shocked to hear that!! hehe I may have to post a comment on her facebook page just to tell her LOL Love ya Kitty!!

Oh by the way I am feeling really great again! My girls keep asking to get on the computer but I'm busy talking to people and blogging! LOL Maybe after lunch I can go do some laundry and play Xbox with my son for awhile.

Cya soon,

7:20 AM Next Morning

Last night, I had steak "fajitas" I heated up one of my lil steaks I bought from the DIYHCG Website (Mike grilled them for me last Sunday). I sauteed minced garlic in a little homemade chicken broth (hcg approved) sliced my steak and heated it in the garlic and broth. Put that on top of two lettuce leaves. I added a little bit of extra shredded lettuce. Picked them up to eat them like fajitas. Was very tastey too! Had a mix of strawberries and an orange for my fruit. I just realized I did NOT have any bread with my dinner.


HCG Day 7

Copied from my facebook notes
June 22, 2010
Day 7 on HCG
Day 5 on the Low Cal Phase
Weight 229.4 down a total of 9.8

I am so mad at myself!! I went out and everything was fine, better than fine actually cuz I felt GREAT last night, till about 10:30. We started off at Cristinas and I was drinking tea and water. Doing well didn't even want a drink. My energy level was so high I felt kinda like I do when I'm drinking, so what was I missing really? We left Cristinas and went to Rockin Parrodice about 9:30. Still feeling good but starting to feel a bit tired. That was ok I figured when we went to sing I'd feel better cuz my adrenaline would kick in. SO about 10:30 I am getting a headache and I'm ready to leave Rockin P and go to T's to sing, but I had to wait for my friend to finish her drink. Then she got another LOL well anyway about 11:30 we finally went to T's. BUT THE DJ QUIT!!!! So there was NO karaoke! OMG! I should have just left and went home, but no, I ordered a shot, a jagerbomb. I wanted the redbull to wake me up and the liquor to help with the headache I was getting which it did. OK 1 shot, no big deal. We then left and went to Hot Shots where I had another Jagerbomb. Then a rum and diet coke (like the diet makes it all better). Then we went BACK to Rockin P and I had a few more rum and diet cokes and we left there about 2 when I finally did come on home.

Needless to say I feel like shit today. Not as bad as I usually do when I have gone out drinking. But I think I feel worse emotionally then I do physically (was crying about it earlier). I have to remember in the future, if I am going to go out, I have to do an early night and as soon as I start feeling tired, then I need to just GO HOME! NOT have a drink so I can stick it out and hang with my friends. My health is more imortant than that! I really loved being out and seeing my friends. I don't want to give that up. I am just gonna have to explain to them that when I start to get tired, much as I love ya, I am going home! I think if I am going to go out at all, I will go to Canucks on Thursday for Karaoke which starts at 8. That way by 10 when I start to feel tired, I will have already gotten to sing and I wont feel like I have missed my karaoke night.

I still managed to drop 3 lbs yesterday, however my cheating may cause me to not see a drop tomorrow. I'm just praying the scale doesn't go UP!!

Got up this morning and told my hubby what I did and I asked if he was mad at me and he said he was dissapointed. OMG that just makes me feel worse cuz I let him down(that's when I started crying)! He believed in me and I blew it!!! Course my girls last night were all like "oh you gotta have a cheat day or you wont stick to it. Every diet needs a cheat day or you will hate it and not stick to it". Well maybe so, but I don't WANNA CHEAT! If I do I'd rather it NOT be with something that's gonna make me feel crappy the next day! Hell gimme a bacon cheeseburger to cheat!!! Atleast that is filling!!

OK, so, I don't know if anyone will ever read this but me, and that's ok, I just needed to vent! If anyone is reading this, I hope you are not too dissapointed in me! I'll do better next time, if there is a next time!

Had half an orange for breakfast, am on my 1st qt of water now. Hope I didn't blow all my progress in 1 night! :o(

Back later


11.00 am

Feeling pretty tired right now. Not as bad as a usual "hangover day" but am feeling the lack of sleep and the drinks. I think I'll rest up a bit in my recliner and catch up on my soaps. Thank you Kris for talking me through this pitfall. Between you and Leanne on the phone, I feel much better. Still not saying what I did was ok, but not gonna hang onto it and keep beating myself up. I love my friends! Yall rock!


7:40 am next day

Just wrote in my journal for this morning but realized I had not popped back in to this one last night to talk about the rest of my day!

OK so I kept feeling kinda tired, but never took a nap. I was able to get up and make dinner, which I never to on a typical "hangover day". I fixed spaghetti for the family. I had a chili made from tomato sauce chili seasonings and some leftover roast beef. It was SO DANG GOOD! For lunch I made tuna wraps. I posted pics but they don't do it justice. Tuna fish packed in water and drained is the right amount of protien. I mixed that with some shredded lettuce, not sure how much but was probably less than a cup. I added mustard, onion powder, dill, sea salt and pepper. Mixed well and polpped it into 2 lettuce leaves. Was able to pick it up and eat it like to tuna tacos sorta. I topped them with more dill and crumbled melba toast. Will use the breadsticks next time on that. But otherwise was really good! I had 1/2 and orange for breakfast, the other 1/2 with lunch. 1/2 an apple for an afternoon snack and the other half of that about an hour after dinner.

OK I think that's all I have to say for now...


HCG day 6

Copied from my facebook notes
June 21, 2010
Day 6 on HCG
Day 4 on the Low Cal Phase
Weight 232.4 down a total of 6.8

OMG DOWN 6.8 lbs since 4 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!I'm truly amazed! OK so it's only 7:30 am and my day has not got started really yet so I haven't much else to say. I just HAD to remark about the weight!! I double checked it too!! LOL I'm FUHREAKING OUT! OK I'll be back later when I have more to say!


12:20 PM

Just had to say, I just posted a bunch of pics to an HCG photo album. I wanted to show off lots of different angles of my face. I have lots of fat in my cheeks and chin. Was kinda sad, but am really looking forward to seeing how different I look in a few weeks!

Have not had lunch, oh G's I just remembered I made some tea earlier and forgot to drink it LOL. Oh well! I will have lunch when I get back from picking up Amanda. Should be home around 1 PM. Check y'all later!


1:00 pm

OMG Lunch s so yummy!! Lean ground beef in an italian tomato sauce. I kinda thinned it out a bit so it is more like stew or soup than spaghetti sauce, but it has the same flavor as spaghetti sauce. Plus a fugi apple, cut into 8 wedges with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I broke up some melba snack rounds into my soup, kinda like crackers. This is so good!


2:05 PM

*sigh* Got 10 more minutes then gonna do my drops again today. Kinda feeling bored at the moment. I should be doing laundry, but I just don't feel like getting into it right now LOL. The kids (my 3 plus a friends son) are playing a video game on the xbox 360. It's ok for awhile then they get all loud or start to bicker. I think I may send them all outside to play after awhile. They are getting on my last nerve! LOL

Lunch was really good, I could not finish my apple though so I saved half of it for later. I also saved my tea I messed up earlier. I poured the cup of tea in my qt size water bottle, added water to the top and some stevie. Its not bad! All in all doing well. Just kinda bored now. hehehe No one else to talk to but myself so i figured I'd journal! LOL ok 2:10 gonna do the drops... brb... ok I'm back. Holding the drops under the tongue for a couple minutes. least on here I can still talk LOL My family gets a big kick out of trying to understand me while I have the drops under my tongue LOL.

Tonight is Monday Margarita night at Cristinas and Karaoke at T's. That's where I'd be looking forward to going if I were going out. I think that may be what's got me a little down right now. I wish I could trust myself to go out and NOT drink, but it would be really hard. I really like to get my drink on while I am out! Rose who I usually party with on karaoke nights is going out to do our usual thing tonight and I'm missin her too. I hope that I will feel stronger by next week to go to karaoke and just drink water. I mean I did it while I was pregnant through 2 kids. I still had a blast, and sang even better when sober!

I feel a little better now cuz was just texting with Rose and we are making a date to go see a movie together later this week!! Cool that's better. Least I can see her and we can hang out! We are gonna meet for an afternoon movie, so that saves money and not at a meal time so that means I don't have to try to eat out anywhere and risk making bad choices!! YAY ME!

Just a few more minutes and I can drink some more of this tea! Incase you don't know, you have to wait 15 minutes to eat or drink or smoke b4 drops then hold them under your tongue at least 2 minutes then wait another 15 minutes b4 drinking eating or smoking! I'm getting awful thirsty! LOL

1 more minute!!!

OK yay I can finish my tea!


3:30 ish PM

Well I decided to go out tonight after all. Just not drinking! I can do this! I did it through 2 babies I can do it for me too!!! I can't just put my life on hold for this diet. That will put me off wanting to do it if I can't still have my "Mom's night out". So I am gonna bite the bullet and pray for strength to just drink water or tea tonight! Wish me luck!

Guess I'll take my drops with me so I can still take them on time!


6 PM

Well I am having dinner, did chicken with italian tomato sauce. Hope it's ok to have the same veg and fruit at both meals cuz I'm also finishing the apple I could not finish at lunch! Oh well if not it's too late now! Looking forward to getting out of the house. having some me time with my friends.

Had mike take pics of me in my new outfit today, I want to wear it again next set of pics to show the dif in how it fits. Hoping it will be falling off me by then!!

Cya later

HCG Day 5

Copied from my facebook notes
June 20, 2010
Day 5 on HCG
Day 3 on Low Calorie Phase
Weight 234.2 (down 5 lbs since starting low cal phase)

I have decided to start a journal chronicling my journey through the HCG Diet Protocol. I'm doing it on Facebook because it is something I use everyday and also it may prove useful for others who may want to try this diet.Today is Sunday June 20th (Father's Day). I started the Diet this past Wed. Those 1st 2 days where ya gorge I thought hey this is great I can eat whatever and it's allowed. Well I actually got to the point that I did not want to eat ANYTHING! I had to make myself eat the food so I could get the right start to the diet. The protocol states that if you do NOT eat enough those 1st 2 days you will not do as well on the 1st week. OK so I started at 238 lbs butt naked. By Friday morning I was 239.2. Thats what ya get when ya eat like a pig for 2 days! And to think a lot of people eat that way every single day all day! OMG! Now I actually don't eat like a pig all day every day as a general rule. I just make all the wrong choices! Plus I am carrying years of built on fat that has been put on slowly from years of eating the wrong foods!

Starting back when I was 17 and started working for Mc Donalds! I worked there for 3 years. I realized recently that is when I STARTED getting fat! I had always thought it was just because I was not walking all over The Colony anymore, but now I know it was because I was eating Mc Donalds 5 days a week for at least 1 meal a day. Plus eating poorly at my then boyfriend's mom's house when I wasn't working. It was good home cooking, just lots of fried and fatty foods. Plus BEER! My then boyfriend was legal to buy at the time so we drank a LOT of beer. We also loved to order pizza! OMG can we say fat OVERLOAD!? I went from being underweight when I met him to quickly being chunky. Getting from a size 1 to a size 7 in a couple months. Then just kept getting bigger and bigger, year after year. Probably about a 10 or 12 by the time we broke up 4 years later.

Was about 180 and probably a size 16 or so when I started dating my hubby and when we got married 18 years ago was still about that weight. So I guess considering I have had 3 kids since then I have not done TOO bad. It has added slowly over the last 18 years. Infact the last 40 or so have only been there for I'd say the last 11 years. And I have had minor success with dieting and exercize a few times over the years too. But now I am close to 240 so thats nearly 60 pounds since I got married! Plus it is the biggest I have ever been, including during pregnancy! Even full on pregnant I only ever got to like 225 at my highest. I actually lost fat while pregnant each time. Being able to get back into prepregnancy jeans very soon after they were born. I want to get back down to a healthy weight for a woman my height and age. I do not want to be a skinny minnie just healthy and able to wear regular clothes again!

ANYWAY! The point of this journal is to keep track of my thoughts, feelings successes and pitfalls as I travel this journey to healthy again!

So far, after doing the 2 day gorge (and this is my 3rd day on the low cal diet), I feel AWESOME!! I lost 3.8 lbs my 1st day of the low cal phase, then another 1.2 as of this morning! Thats 5 pounds in 2 days!!


I am having a "bunless" burger tonight. It's lean ground beef ( the right amount of course). I seasoned it with a seasoning I bought from the diyhcg website store. It is so yummy! I have my burger sandwiched between 2 thick slices of tomato. I seasoned the maters too and added mustard which I LOVE ON BURGERS!. Had my hubby grill the burger and everyone else is having regular cheeseburgers that he grilled too. So I feel like I'm eating with the family even though mine is a bit different, and I can't have the ranch style beans they have, LOL! I do not like the rest of my mater though, the part that was left over after I made the 2 thick slices. The mater is my 1 veg I chose to have with dinner today, and I am not a huge fan. I tried to flavor up the rest of it and just cant eat it. The mater with the burger between it is really good though!

OK, back to how I feel. Woke up today feeling pretty good. Kinda hungry but I just drank water. Was thinking about coffee but didn't need it. Got cleaning in the kitchen and before I knew it I had cleaned off all the counters and the stove top! then I swept the floor and my son swiffered it! I NEVER FEEL THIS GOOD!! I am usually very lethargic! This is after only 3 days of eating this way! I can't wait to see how I feel in a week! I have not had to take a nap these last 3 days either. I'm telling you over the last year or more I have had very few days when I didn't fall asleep during the day at some point cuz I just could NOT keep my eyes open or my head up anymore. Usually right after I ate! Usually a meal that was very filling. I ate lots of sammiches and lots of cheesy foods. Hardly any fruits or veggies. This diet is forcing me to eat fruits and veggies but in a small quantity and only 1 veggie at a meal. Here it is almost 7 PM I have been up for nearly 12 hours and still feel pretty good. I feel bodily tired from the work I did today, but that is a good tired. Oh and I made a roast too this morning!

Thats what I ate for lunch! I cooked my roast as per usual (simmered in a pot with water) only I cut off all visible fat. I added the carrots, even though I can't eat them, my family can. I cut a big white onion in quarters and set it in the pot on top of everything else (this is my veggie). Thats when the cleaning started! LOL After about 4 hours it was lunch time and I was hungry but I felt amazingly energized! I sliced off 6 oz of the beef and took out the onion. I put them in a pot together and covered with plain water. Brought to a boil and simmered it together awhile. I seasoned this and it was good. This made 2 servings of beef onion soup! I had one for lunch and saved the rest for another day. Was very tasty and filling! Now I have a bunch of 3 oz servings of roast in the freezer with which to make more soups in the future! Plus I have the carrots for serving to my family when I make a meal they can eat too.

One more thing to add today. This is the 1st day in over 20 years that I have NOT used any kind of anything on my lips (so far)! I am a lip balm addict. Starting (again at age 17) with Carmex. It took years to get off carmex but went right to chap stick and every since it has always been something. On the HCG you cannot use lip balms, or any regular moisturizers. I had been dabbing mineral oil on my lips the last 2 days and the 1st 3 days I used baby oil. I realized halfway through the day today I had not used anything on my lips. They do feel kinda dry but not so bad I feel I have to treat them yet! I don't know if it is just a metter of time for me to get over a habit or if my lips are actually ruined from all the carmex I used to use. BUT I am hoping that they will begin to feel normal again without any balm!!

OK Kinda at a loss for words now. Guess I'll check back in tomorrow! Hope I remember to do this daily! If not I'll do it as often as I can!

Feeling good and loving it!!