Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HCG Day 5

Copied from my facebook notes
June 20, 2010
Day 5 on HCG
Day 3 on Low Calorie Phase
Weight 234.2 (down 5 lbs since starting low cal phase)

I have decided to start a journal chronicling my journey through the HCG Diet Protocol. I'm doing it on Facebook because it is something I use everyday and also it may prove useful for others who may want to try this diet.Today is Sunday June 20th (Father's Day). I started the Diet this past Wed. Those 1st 2 days where ya gorge I thought hey this is great I can eat whatever and it's allowed. Well I actually got to the point that I did not want to eat ANYTHING! I had to make myself eat the food so I could get the right start to the diet. The protocol states that if you do NOT eat enough those 1st 2 days you will not do as well on the 1st week. OK so I started at 238 lbs butt naked. By Friday morning I was 239.2. Thats what ya get when ya eat like a pig for 2 days! And to think a lot of people eat that way every single day all day! OMG! Now I actually don't eat like a pig all day every day as a general rule. I just make all the wrong choices! Plus I am carrying years of built on fat that has been put on slowly from years of eating the wrong foods!

Starting back when I was 17 and started working for Mc Donalds! I worked there for 3 years. I realized recently that is when I STARTED getting fat! I had always thought it was just because I was not walking all over The Colony anymore, but now I know it was because I was eating Mc Donalds 5 days a week for at least 1 meal a day. Plus eating poorly at my then boyfriend's mom's house when I wasn't working. It was good home cooking, just lots of fried and fatty foods. Plus BEER! My then boyfriend was legal to buy at the time so we drank a LOT of beer. We also loved to order pizza! OMG can we say fat OVERLOAD!? I went from being underweight when I met him to quickly being chunky. Getting from a size 1 to a size 7 in a couple months. Then just kept getting bigger and bigger, year after year. Probably about a 10 or 12 by the time we broke up 4 years later.

Was about 180 and probably a size 16 or so when I started dating my hubby and when we got married 18 years ago was still about that weight. So I guess considering I have had 3 kids since then I have not done TOO bad. It has added slowly over the last 18 years. Infact the last 40 or so have only been there for I'd say the last 11 years. And I have had minor success with dieting and exercize a few times over the years too. But now I am close to 240 so thats nearly 60 pounds since I got married! Plus it is the biggest I have ever been, including during pregnancy! Even full on pregnant I only ever got to like 225 at my highest. I actually lost fat while pregnant each time. Being able to get back into prepregnancy jeans very soon after they were born. I want to get back down to a healthy weight for a woman my height and age. I do not want to be a skinny minnie just healthy and able to wear regular clothes again!

ANYWAY! The point of this journal is to keep track of my thoughts, feelings successes and pitfalls as I travel this journey to healthy again!

So far, after doing the 2 day gorge (and this is my 3rd day on the low cal diet), I feel AWESOME!! I lost 3.8 lbs my 1st day of the low cal phase, then another 1.2 as of this morning! Thats 5 pounds in 2 days!!


I am having a "bunless" burger tonight. It's lean ground beef ( the right amount of course). I seasoned it with a seasoning I bought from the diyhcg website store. It is so yummy! I have my burger sandwiched between 2 thick slices of tomato. I seasoned the maters too and added mustard which I LOVE ON BURGERS!. Had my hubby grill the burger and everyone else is having regular cheeseburgers that he grilled too. So I feel like I'm eating with the family even though mine is a bit different, and I can't have the ranch style beans they have, LOL! I do not like the rest of my mater though, the part that was left over after I made the 2 thick slices. The mater is my 1 veg I chose to have with dinner today, and I am not a huge fan. I tried to flavor up the rest of it and just cant eat it. The mater with the burger between it is really good though!

OK, back to how I feel. Woke up today feeling pretty good. Kinda hungry but I just drank water. Was thinking about coffee but didn't need it. Got cleaning in the kitchen and before I knew it I had cleaned off all the counters and the stove top! then I swept the floor and my son swiffered it! I NEVER FEEL THIS GOOD!! I am usually very lethargic! This is after only 3 days of eating this way! I can't wait to see how I feel in a week! I have not had to take a nap these last 3 days either. I'm telling you over the last year or more I have had very few days when I didn't fall asleep during the day at some point cuz I just could NOT keep my eyes open or my head up anymore. Usually right after I ate! Usually a meal that was very filling. I ate lots of sammiches and lots of cheesy foods. Hardly any fruits or veggies. This diet is forcing me to eat fruits and veggies but in a small quantity and only 1 veggie at a meal. Here it is almost 7 PM I have been up for nearly 12 hours and still feel pretty good. I feel bodily tired from the work I did today, but that is a good tired. Oh and I made a roast too this morning!

Thats what I ate for lunch! I cooked my roast as per usual (simmered in a pot with water) only I cut off all visible fat. I added the carrots, even though I can't eat them, my family can. I cut a big white onion in quarters and set it in the pot on top of everything else (this is my veggie). Thats when the cleaning started! LOL After about 4 hours it was lunch time and I was hungry but I felt amazingly energized! I sliced off 6 oz of the beef and took out the onion. I put them in a pot together and covered with plain water. Brought to a boil and simmered it together awhile. I seasoned this and it was good. This made 2 servings of beef onion soup! I had one for lunch and saved the rest for another day. Was very tasty and filling! Now I have a bunch of 3 oz servings of roast in the freezer with which to make more soups in the future! Plus I have the carrots for serving to my family when I make a meal they can eat too.

One more thing to add today. This is the 1st day in over 20 years that I have NOT used any kind of anything on my lips (so far)! I am a lip balm addict. Starting (again at age 17) with Carmex. It took years to get off carmex but went right to chap stick and every since it has always been something. On the HCG you cannot use lip balms, or any regular moisturizers. I had been dabbing mineral oil on my lips the last 2 days and the 1st 3 days I used baby oil. I realized halfway through the day today I had not used anything on my lips. They do feel kinda dry but not so bad I feel I have to treat them yet! I don't know if it is just a metter of time for me to get over a habit or if my lips are actually ruined from all the carmex I used to use. BUT I am hoping that they will begin to feel normal again without any balm!!

OK Kinda at a loss for words now. Guess I'll check back in tomorrow! Hope I remember to do this daily! If not I'll do it as often as I can!

Feeling good and loving it!!

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