Friday, June 25, 2010

HCG Day 10

June 25, 2010
Day 10 on HCG
Day 8 on Phase 2
Weight 229.4, down 9.8 lbs total

7:30 AM

Ok then it's another day and I am feeling much more secure in my knowledge of what I am doing. I have read the book that came with my drops. It explains the details of the diet and how it works. Tips and tricks for when you stall or plateau. I now know why you must maintain the weight for the 6 weeks after losing it. NOT KEEP LOSING! It is important because it "resets" your body's "normal" weight. This is the weight your body thinks it should be after having been that weight for so long. Meaning it will try to gain back everything you lost! I also read that the way the drops work is by making the body release 1500 to 4000 calories a day (depending on the individual) from your body's own abnormal fat stores. This is why you can survive on 500 calories a day of food without feeling like you are starving or burning muscle!! The body releases the stored fat and nutrients withing those cells and absorbes the nutrients and gets rid of the fat, burns it up as energy. It doesn't really use what you are eating for energy at all. Very interesting!

**Side Note**
About the maintenence phase. I also read it helps to prevent the sagging skin that comes from losing so much so fast. Probably more of a problem for people like me, who have been so big for so many years, my skin wont just shrink as I go, it may need time to catch up to my body. Not quite sure how it works. However I know that proper nutrition plays a role in whether you skin shrinks back or not. So when I get to phase 3 I will follow the advice in the book and take vitamin and mineral supplements and eat like I am supposed to! One of the probs people have is when they don't eat enough on phase 3.

I am so happy to see the scale go down again today!

Don't know what is up with my tummy but I lost another lb almost in one trip to the bathroom. Hope I don't have a bug and I hope nothing I ate last night upset my tummy. Will keep an eye on that!...

OK gotta go plan my day. Don't want those calories sneakin up on me again!!!

9:30 am

I love Excel! I just created a 500 calorie weekly menu. I Love the "SUM" thing in Excel cuz I made a chart that all I have to do is add the food and how many cals per item and it adds up the cals per meal AND the total for two meals in a day! I made 7 days of meals that are 500 cals or less!! I feel so productive! This will take a lot of the guess work out of my days! I can now look at this chart and just pick any of the days that sound good to me that morning and plan for it!

Well I'm gone for now!!

10:30 AM

WOO HOO doing a happy dance!!! I finally got one of my laundry baskets EMPTY!! I have been so tired and lethargic for so many years that all my housework has suffered greatly (to say the least). I truly believed I was just a lazy person and a slob! Since starting this diet, I cleaned my kitchen and have kept it clean, plus kept up with the dishes every day. I am also catching up on all the laundry that has just sat there for (this is embarrassing to say) years! I actually had some stuff in the bottom of this bastket that was a size 6 (my daughter's). She is 13 years old now!!!! Mind you she was wearing size 6 till she was like 8 but that is still years that this little outfit had been in the bottom of a basket. I do laundry like once a week at most, normally. Just enough to make sure my kids had clothes to wear to school and my hubby has clothes to wear to work. Usually did towels and washrags when we ran out of clean ones. But that was about as much as I ever did and NOT because I felt like it either. I only did it cuz it HAD TO BE DONE! That's how I did my clothes too. I washed them when I ran out of clean clothes to wear! My goal is to get all those clothes out of the laundry room! Get rid of what no one can wear anymore. Put away the clothes they can! Then keep up with the laundry like I am keeping up with the kitchen. My laundry (always) ends up sitting in the dining room cuz there is no room in the laundry "room". It's only big enough for the washer and dryer, the baskets have to set on top of the washer n dryer and when they got too full I started a pile in front of the doors to that "room". It's more like a closet. That is something I plan to stop doing!! I am making a great start to that!


1:00 PM (well almost)

Having my left over roastbeef and onion soup for lunch today and made some fruit medley from strawberries and an orange to have for my fruit. Am really ready to eat too!!
I realized bout half way through my soup that it seemed to be too much meat, so I just finished the broth and onions and tossed out about 2 oz of the beef. Next time I make this I will use 1 serving at a time to do it so I don't end up splitting up the beef unevenly!

Gonna let my daughter play online for awhile.

Be back around dinner!


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