Saturday, June 26, 2010

HCG Day 11

June 26, 2010
Day 11 on HCG
Day 9 on Phase 2
Weight 227.4, down 11.8 lbs total

7:15 AM

OMG I am so freakin out, but in a good way!!! I started my TOM yesterday, that sux, but I weighed in at 2 lbs less today that yesterday!! Paying attention to the calories really helps! Keep thinking about trying to go longer on the drops but I just really want to be in my 2nd 3 weeks of the 6 week maint phase when we go. That way I can do round 2 like 2 weeks after we get back.

Wish me luck we have a bday party at noon today. I am thinking I will take my fruit with me, hell my whole lunch with me, cuz I wont be home till 2. I usually eat around 1. I think I will take it with me that way I am not starving when I'm there cuz you know there will be munchies and cake and ice cream. None of which I can have!! I'm gonna be strong though!


8:30 AM

Made a great looking salad to take with me for lunch today, it's baby spinach, chicken, strawberries and oranges (the left over fruit medley from yesterday) with vinagrette dressing and a breadstick!!! All for about 180 calories!! YEAH BABY!


9:20 am

OMG I am cramping SO FREAKIN BAD!!! Hope they go away soon!! I've always had bad period cramps though so I am not worried. I just can't take my usual meds for it. GRRRR


2:00 PM

I am home from the party. I did great! They served chili dogs and cheese puffs and fritos and OMG that all looked so good! Some of my favs! There was red velvet cake too, but that's never been one of my favs so that actually didn't even tempt me. I am more hungry than usual today! I think I know why, but not sure. I started my TOM yestderday so that might have something to do with it. But also, when I did my morning drops, I brushed my teeth right after. Just wasn't thinking! You are supposed to wait to do that for at least 15 minutes to allow them to be absorbed fully into the body. This is what helps the hunger! I will do the drops in about another 10 minutes for my 2nd time today, and see if that helps cuz right now I am hungry already. Usually I have lunch around 1 and today I had to eat about 11/11:30. Boy I sure hope the drops help!! Cuz dinner time is hours away! I may have to have my evening fruit early to help curb this hunger. If the drops don't cut it, I will do that! I am finding it hard to eat that fruit at dinner time anyway so, it will be ok!

GRRRR I just took a drink of my water! Now I have to wait another 15 minutes! LOLOL I am such a dork! I had my son take my water bottle from me! I am on my 4th qt for the day already though! That's awesome!

I am very VERY proud of myself for NOT giving in to the temptation today tho!! I just raved about the diet to everyone who would listen too!!


7:41 PM

OK I am finally not hungry today. Made roast beef and cabbage for dinner and it was so dang good!!!! And filling! I made a blog for recipes too I am not sure how to link to it or if you can see it on this page. Hopefully you can get to it from here. I'll post a link if not....

I am so tired today, I think the TOM and the mess up with the drops this morning just really has me feeling run down today. Gonna go chill with my boys! Both my girls are staying with friends tonight so it's just me and my men tonight!!


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