Sunday, June 27, 2010

HCG Day 12

June 27, 2010
Day 12 on HCG drops
Day 10 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 226.6 down 12.6 lbs

8:00 AM

I have been awake since about 6:30 this morning. Got up to pee and went back to bed right away but was wide awake so I just got up LOL. I just weighed in and have only lost .8 since yesterday but thats cool cuz I am at a total of 12.6 lbs since starting this whole thing 12 days ago! That is an average of a lb a day! I've already done my drops now and I am making sure to wait plenty of time before brushing my teeth or drinking anything!!!

The small weight loss today may also be due to my cycle, or just the fact that everyone usually sees a stall after about the 1st week or so of losing a lot. It's cool, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and it will start falling off again! I am really hoping my energy goes back up today! I think I am gonna get some B12 drops today too since they help with energy.

OK nothing else to report right now...


11:23 am

GRRRR I am waiting for a plumber to call me! I was doing laundry, yes still have laundry I am catching up on. But I was on a roll!! I only have like maybe 4 more loads, maybe 5 if I need to break one up. Anyway, I am stuck now waiting cuz the pipe under the house is clogged AGAIN! This pipe does this at least once a year I swear! So frustrating! I wanna do more laundry and I wanna run the dishwasher cuz it is ready now too, and I can't do either! Kitchen is clean, kitchen floor swept have to wait for new swiffer wet jet pads to do the mopping of the floor. I could start on another project but I don't wanna lose momentum on the one I've got going now! I started calling plumbers at like 9:30 this morning, 2 freakin hours ago! This sux!

Oh also, I thought I'd make a note of this, last night/this morning, I woke up after a bad dream. In my dream I had a plate full of really bad for me foods, like fries and other stuff I don't even know what is was. I just remember knowing I should not be eating it, but in my dream I was piggin out on it!! I felt so disappointed in myself and very upset, in my dream I gave the plate to my son and said take it away from me!! Then I woke up and was so relieved to realize it was only a bad dream!! SCARY!


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