Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HCG Day 14

June 29, 2010
Day 14 on HCG drops
Day 12 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 223.6 down 15.6 lbs

9:50 AM

Got up at 7 and did my drops but since I didn't have to take anyone to school as Summer School is OVER I went back to bed. I got up about 1 1/2 hours later or so and that's when I weighed. Happy to see over a pound gone from yesterday!!

Back later


11:30 AM

Just had a small hurdle to cross. My daughters were having breakfast and Lisa was heating some sausage links in the microwave. I went in there to make some lemonade (cuz I wanted to try it). I mentioned how good the sausage smelled and it was making me feel hungry (of course) and it was hard on me, she then thought it was funny to wave her sausage in my face! I know she didn't understand how that made me feel, so I told her! I hope she gets it that I can't have her doing that, it was just plain mean! They both ended up making toast while I was still in the room which was also a smell that got to me! I just made me a cup of coffee and walked out of the room!! I did good stayed strong! Yay me!

Now if I could just get them to clean their ROOMS!


7:50 PM

Just finished dinner, taco salad, it was SO GOOD!!! I posted the recipe on my recipe blog so check it out! I'm feeling good, got all the old laundry caught up now I am working on the current stuff that was in the bedroom!! LOL Got the kids working on their rooms today! Wonders never cease!! I think I am gonna get off the computer for the night! I have been on facebook ALL DAY (between laundry and cooking and cleaning)!! I am so grateful for the HCG Friends I have made on facebook!!


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