Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HCG Day 15

June 30, 2010
Day 15 on HCG drops
Day 13 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 223.0 down 16.2 lbs

10:00 am

Well I have been awake since before 7 am again! LOL I actually am trying to stay on the same schedule with my drops and I usually do them between 7 and 7:30 am. I can't sleep past then anyway. I even stayed up till midnight last night. Man that's weird to think that is late for me now. I am so used to being unable to go to sleep till after 2 am! Since starting this program I am up by 7 awake all day and sleepy at night when I am supposed to be sleepy! Not during the day when I was sleepy before! I am only down .6 today. I am kinda bummed but not discouraged. All the literature says that is to be expected. There will be some small number days and even plateaus to get through. The 1st week is supposed to be dramatic numbers then it slows down a bit. My concern is, what if this smaller number is due to my having mixed tomato and onion with my lettuce last night? I'm gonna stick to 1 veg at a time from now on. That's the way Dr Simeons set it up so I'm gonna stick to it! Had a cup of coffee this morning. Yum... That is also better. My reaction to coffee used to send me way over the top. I could no longer handle the caffeine. It would make me very jittery and now it isn't doing that anymore! YAY I CAN HAVE COFFEE AGAIN! I am noticing a few minor breakouts on my scalp. Seems I remember going through that during 1 of my pregnancies too. May be a reaction to the hormone. I am also still pretty heavy on my TOM when I should be coming off tomorrow. I hope it doesn't go long due to the hormone. I know that IS a possible side effect! Read a comment on one HCG Forum of a woman who once her TOM started she stayed on it for weeks until she was off the drops! Please Dear God don't let that happen to me!!!!!!!!! Least the cramps are gone! That's better!!
OK gonna check facebook now!


10:30 am

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I had Mike do my measurements, still an issue with placement on my thigh, but I think we got it figured out! If we did this right then, I have lost 10.5 inches from all over my body since last week! I have lost like 3 inches around my ribcage alone! No wonder my bra is fitting differently. I have NOT lost a lot in my actual cup size though. I am kinda surprised at that.

Starting to get a little hungry, think I may have my fruit early...


1:00 pm

Having a sandwich of left over roast!! I used lettuce to "sandwich" it. I broke up 1 plain grissini on the bottom lettuce, sprinkled the lettuce with onion powder, salt n pepper, put a little mustard on there and 3.5 ounces of yummy roast!! It's everything I like on a roast sandwich except I usually have mayo and cheese, not mustard. Still really very good and the breadstick gives me the flavor of bread!


6:15 PM

Just had dinner. I made Basil Chicken for the family and a slightly different variation of the same thing for myself. They all said the chicken is awesome! I have to say mine was pretty good but needs some tweaking. Made my own tomato sauce for the 1st time so it was kinda watery and I'd like to make it more like the canned stuff... Made mached taters and green beans for the fam and was not even tempted to taste it. The taters kinda made me sick to smell them!! How weird is that?!

Still feeling good, been very productive. Made a new batch of precooked chicken for me and diced it all up into single servings baggies and put it in the freezer! Saved the broth. I accidentally cooked a few brehem so I strained the broth through a bunch of paper towels in a collander. It seems to have worked I didnt see all the fat on top when I was done, plus it got all the gunk out of the broth! Now I have 3, 2 cup containers of broth for making soups n stuff and a small container of broth to use when I want to sautee something. Made strawberry smoothies for me and the kids today, made mine 1st with no milk or cream and then made some for them with milk and a little cream, that turned out so thick I had to serve it in bowls! LOL They liked it though!

That's all for now,

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