Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HCG day 6

Copied from my facebook notes
June 21, 2010
Day 6 on HCG
Day 4 on the Low Cal Phase
Weight 232.4 down a total of 6.8

OMG DOWN 6.8 lbs since 4 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!I'm truly amazed! OK so it's only 7:30 am and my day has not got started really yet so I haven't much else to say. I just HAD to remark about the weight!! I double checked it too!! LOL I'm FUHREAKING OUT! OK I'll be back later when I have more to say!


12:20 PM

Just had to say, I just posted a bunch of pics to an HCG photo album. I wanted to show off lots of different angles of my face. I have lots of fat in my cheeks and chin. Was kinda sad, but am really looking forward to seeing how different I look in a few weeks!

Have not had lunch, oh G's I just remembered I made some tea earlier and forgot to drink it LOL. Oh well! I will have lunch when I get back from picking up Amanda. Should be home around 1 PM. Check y'all later!


1:00 pm

OMG Lunch s so yummy!! Lean ground beef in an italian tomato sauce. I kinda thinned it out a bit so it is more like stew or soup than spaghetti sauce, but it has the same flavor as spaghetti sauce. Plus a fugi apple, cut into 8 wedges with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I broke up some melba snack rounds into my soup, kinda like crackers. This is so good!


2:05 PM

*sigh* Got 10 more minutes then gonna do my drops again today. Kinda feeling bored at the moment. I should be doing laundry, but I just don't feel like getting into it right now LOL. The kids (my 3 plus a friends son) are playing a video game on the xbox 360. It's ok for awhile then they get all loud or start to bicker. I think I may send them all outside to play after awhile. They are getting on my last nerve! LOL

Lunch was really good, I could not finish my apple though so I saved half of it for later. I also saved my tea I messed up earlier. I poured the cup of tea in my qt size water bottle, added water to the top and some stevie. Its not bad! All in all doing well. Just kinda bored now. hehehe No one else to talk to but myself so i figured I'd journal! LOL ok 2:10 gonna do the drops... brb... ok I'm back. Holding the drops under the tongue for a couple minutes. least on here I can still talk LOL My family gets a big kick out of trying to understand me while I have the drops under my tongue LOL.

Tonight is Monday Margarita night at Cristinas and Karaoke at T's. That's where I'd be looking forward to going if I were going out. I think that may be what's got me a little down right now. I wish I could trust myself to go out and NOT drink, but it would be really hard. I really like to get my drink on while I am out! Rose who I usually party with on karaoke nights is going out to do our usual thing tonight and I'm missin her too. I hope that I will feel stronger by next week to go to karaoke and just drink water. I mean I did it while I was pregnant through 2 kids. I still had a blast, and sang even better when sober!

I feel a little better now cuz was just texting with Rose and we are making a date to go see a movie together later this week!! Cool that's better. Least I can see her and we can hang out! We are gonna meet for an afternoon movie, so that saves money and not at a meal time so that means I don't have to try to eat out anywhere and risk making bad choices!! YAY ME!

Just a few more minutes and I can drink some more of this tea! Incase you don't know, you have to wait 15 minutes to eat or drink or smoke b4 drops then hold them under your tongue at least 2 minutes then wait another 15 minutes b4 drinking eating or smoking! I'm getting awful thirsty! LOL

1 more minute!!!

OK yay I can finish my tea!


3:30 ish PM

Well I decided to go out tonight after all. Just not drinking! I can do this! I did it through 2 babies I can do it for me too!!! I can't just put my life on hold for this diet. That will put me off wanting to do it if I can't still have my "Mom's night out". So I am gonna bite the bullet and pray for strength to just drink water or tea tonight! Wish me luck!

Guess I'll take my drops with me so I can still take them on time!


6 PM

Well I am having dinner, did chicken with italian tomato sauce. Hope it's ok to have the same veg and fruit at both meals cuz I'm also finishing the apple I could not finish at lunch! Oh well if not it's too late now! Looking forward to getting out of the house. having some me time with my friends.

Had mike take pics of me in my new outfit today, I want to wear it again next set of pics to show the dif in how it fits. Hoping it will be falling off me by then!!

Cya later

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