Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HCG Day 8

June 23, 2010
Day 8 on HCG
Day 6 on the Low Cal Phase
Weight 231.2 Up 1.8 = down a total of 8

OK so I went up, that was to be expected. I know yesterday's "loss" of 3 lbs was only due to dehydration from drinking alcohol the night before. I always drop a few lbs after drinking, then go right back to my norm the next day. So I probably really only lost 1 lbs yesterday and am back to where I would have been anyway. I am not discouraged! Just makes me more determined to NOT CHEAT AGAIN!

OK had my drops and am waiting to take my girl to summer school. I don't have anything else to add yet this morning.


9:30 AM

Just created this blog. I don't know if it will make this journal easier or not than what I've already been doing with facebook, but I thought I'd give it a shot! I can just post this link or send it to friends who want to keep up with my journey rather than having a new note daily posting on all my friends walls!

Still doing good feeling good today. Have some laundry to do and a little cleaning I want to get to. I also want to take the kids to the store later and gamestop.

I've been having some back pain the last few days. I am thinking it may be due to the drops, they are a hormone that can possibly effect the cycle of a woman so perhaps it's doing that to me. Also a possible side effect is leg cramps. I figure maybe my cramping is in my back instead.....

I really don't have anything else new to report

Be back later

1 pm

LUNCH! Good, I was getting pretty hungry!

I made an iced coffee drink in the blender earlier. I know I am allowed coffee, but since I usually can't handle the caffeine I am a little worried how hyper I'll get since I am already way hyper from the diet! LOL Oh well lets see how much laundry Tammy can do!!! Anyway back to lunch...

2 cups Baby Spinach, 100 g seasoned chicken breast, 1/2 of a green apple cored and diced, sea salt and pepper and 2 T of the HCG Vinagrette. Plus 1 garlic Grisini breadstick broken up into small pieces in the salad. Man this is good vinagrette. I don't like most vinagrette dressings but I like this stuff! I also don't usually add fruit to a salad either. But I did this last week and found I really liked it. So I am doing it again!

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a cheese lover! It has been 6 days since I had ANY CHEESE! In fact, the only dairy I have had is the 1 T of 2% milk I added to my iced coffee drink today. I know one of my friends who will be REALLY shocked to hear that!! hehe I may have to post a comment on her facebook page just to tell her LOL Love ya Kitty!!

Oh by the way I am feeling really great again! My girls keep asking to get on the computer but I'm busy talking to people and blogging! LOL Maybe after lunch I can go do some laundry and play Xbox with my son for awhile.

Cya soon,

7:20 AM Next Morning

Last night, I had steak "fajitas" I heated up one of my lil steaks I bought from the DIYHCG Website (Mike grilled them for me last Sunday). I sauteed minced garlic in a little homemade chicken broth (hcg approved) sliced my steak and heated it in the garlic and broth. Put that on top of two lettuce leaves. I added a little bit of extra shredded lettuce. Picked them up to eat them like fajitas. Was very tastey too! Had a mix of strawberries and an orange for my fruit. I just realized I did NOT have any bread with my dinner.


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