Thursday, June 24, 2010

HCG Day 9

June 24, 2010
Day 9
Day 7 on phase 2
Weight 231, down 8.2 lbs

7:30 AM

Well today is just getting started and I am kinda bummed cuz I only lost 2 oz. I think that is still the effects of my cheating the other night. Not gonna let that stop me though!!! They say in the books and everything I've read online that when you cheat you will not lose for a couple days, but if you stay on plan you will start losing again. I will stick to the plan!!! I have done my drops this morning, and am just about to get the day started! I have lots more laundry to catch up on so there's no way i am gonna be bored today! LOL. See ya later when I report back at lunchtime!


9:30 AM

I just had the other half of the fruit salad I made last night. I was hungry and needed a little breakfast.

I also needed to say I still have not used any lip balm. I still need to dab on some mineral oil several times through the day. Not nearly as often as I'd have used lip balm if I could LOL.

Back later!

1:17 PM

Having lunch! YUM I made a chili burger. I used the chili tomato sauce I got from DIYHCG and a burger patty I got from them too. My hubby grilled up my burgers for me this past Sunday so I have them frozen and ready to heat n eat. I just poured a serving of the tomato sauce over the burger patty and added some more spice to heat it up a bit. Then covered the bowl in glad press n seal to keep it moist. I used the defrost option on the mic so it didnt over cook. This is so good! I cut my patty into little bite sized pieces and am eating it all with a spoon!! I also added some crumbled melba snack rounds to it. The don't stay crunchy though. Need to find something else I can do that will. Found liquidhcgdiet,com and they actually have a larger list of approved foods on their list. May try some of the crackers they have listed. Gonna probably have half an apple later between lunch and dinner. Been looking into what Phase 3 is going to be like. I am looking forward to being able to add more veggies and different proteins to my diet! I miss carrots!


3:26 PM

I am gonna have to stop looking up HCG websites. There are so many out there that have many variations in the foods that are allowed on the low cal phase. It is confusing. Plus there are some sites that suggest all these other products to use while on the drops and they are expensive. I just need to focus on what I am doing, otherwise I am liable to fall for every "add on" the internet has to offer for this diet! G'S

I also keep running across recipes that call for 2 or more veggies mixed together. That's also not allowed. I don't get it. I'd like to try these recipes when I'm past this phase though. I think they'd be great.

Figured out today that I can only do this for 23 to 25 days at the most, due to my vacation coming up in August. If I stayed on the drops longer then I'd still be in my 1st 3 weeks of the 3rd phase. As it is, I'll be in my 2nd 3rd week, which is when I am supposed to slowly add startches and sugars. This means while on vaca I'll have a little more freedom of what to eat. We will surely be going out to eat sometimes. However I plan to bring good healthy snacks for on the road. Plus where we are staying has a full kitchen and I'll be able to buy groceries and fix my own food as often as I like. Which I am planning to do.

OK nothing else to say for now.


7:00 pm

OMG I just figured up my total calories for each day this past week and I was over 500 on 4 out of 7 days! I had no idea! I was just eating 1 protein 1 veg 1 fruit and 1 breadstick or melba for each meal. I didn't think I had to count it all up but guess what, I DO! I have created a calorie tracker in excel so from now on I will be keeping a count of each meal everyday so this doesn't happen again. No wonder I only lost 2 oz!!!

Hope to see better results tomorrow! I stayed under 500 today, by 12 LOL


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