Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 6 Phase 3

July 17, 2010
Day 6 Phase 3
Weight, 216.6

10:30 AM

Have to make this short as I need to go walk! I am sorry I haven't blogged but I have been otherwise occupied! I am still holing at around 216 which is good. Not losing anything which is also ok if I end up only maintaining the next 6 weeks then so be it! I still look and feel better than I have in years! I went out Thursday for karaoke had a few drinks which were diet friendly! Made up a drink with rum club soda and vanilla cream stevia! I have a date with Leanne tonight, unless she bails on me, but we're supposed to go to The Colony for a Happy Hour Party with some people we grew up with.

Just had an omelette with turkey sausage, red bell peppers, onion and cheese topped with picante and on the side a half an orange. Was delish! Gonna go walk around the block now!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 3 Phase 3

July 14, 2010
Day 3 Phase 3
Weight, 215.8, down 2.4 from yesterday!

1:30 PM

Been out visiting people today! Felt good to be out of the house. Went through a box of stuff we got when we went to Mema's Funeral. Was a bunch of really beautiful antique serving dishes and candy dishes and stuff. Visited with my sis in law for awhile then went to my friend Jennifer's house where 2 of my 3 kids spent the night last night and visited with her till a little after 12. Got hungry and had to come on home for lunch!

Speaking of food...
Had eggs this morning,so good! I 1st grilled chopped onion and bell pepper in olive oil, till they were just starting to get browned, poured eggs scrambled with dill weed and salt n pepper over the onion and peppers and stirred it a little, let that set and flipped then sprinkled with a little bit of shredded cheese and folded it over like an omelette topped that with Pace Picante Sauce!!! OMG This was the best omelette ever! LOL on the side I had 2 sausage links and 1/2 a Fuji Apple in slices.. Very filling breakfast that's why I didn't get hungry till noon!

Lunch, was 1 can tuna fish with mayo, hamburger dill pickles, bell pepper, carrots and celery all mixed together with some onion powder, salt, pepper and ground mustard, to make a very good tuna salad. Put that on top of a bed of lettuce and on the side had 2 Melba rounds and a serving of these cheese crisps I found that are nothing but parmesan cheese. They are good to me, like having a chip or cracker but ZERO starches!!!!! HELL YEAH!! Tastes kinda like a really strong cheese nips cracker... That was the best tuna salad ever I think! That whole meal was under 400 calories too!

Gonna try to have a snack between lunch and dinner but it will be hard!

Also I plan to make meatloaf for dinner tonight!! YUM!

ummm Oh the weight thing... I was worried a bit when yesterday was up 2.2 lbs from Monday. But with my actual last day of drops weight being 218 that was fine. As long as I do not go over 218 by more than 2 lbs I am still in maintenance. HOWEVER I am still gonna see if I can get myself down to 200 before I start a real maintenance phase. Just got off the drops so I can be more relaxed while on Vacation and already be used to eating this way so my choices will just be 2nd nature by then. Once I reach 200 I will take a 6 week break to allow my body to get used to the new weight and that is supposed to help your skin catch up to your body too.. I don't wanna have the extra skin flapping on me ya know??

OH I went for a walk this morning. I bought some hand held 2 lb weights to use while walking! LOL I felt a little silly but I did it anyway! I was POWER WALKING! LOL Those 2 lbs weights really do make ya burn when ya use them! I just did some more arm work here in my living room! Just enough to feel the muscle warming up not too much don't wanna over do just wanna start toning my muscles up to prepare for hiking in the mountains! OMG I am so excited to be going to Colorado!

OK, I know Amanda wants to get on the computer for awhile so I'm gonna end this here...

Check back later or tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 2 Phase 3

July 13, 2010
Day 2 Phase 3
Weight 218, up but thats about where I should be now for phase 3 maintenance...

8:20 PM

Well, kinda bored and lonely right now, my kids are all staying with friends for the night and Mike has gone to bed...

I did good today had yogurt with strawberries and pecans with vanilla cream stevia for breakfast, celery with cream cheese for a snack, lunch was a burger without the bun and orange slices with garlic melba rounds and dinner was a taco salad!! Was so good!!

I am thinking I'll chill out in front of the tube now and either watch a movie or play the Xbox... Have a good night!!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1 Phase 3

July 12, 2010
Day 27, 1st day of Phase 3
Weight 216, down 23.2 lbs
Lost 23 Inches total!

4:00 PM

I am so sorry I am so late to post today. I was very busy earlier today and am just now really getting a chance to just post!
I'm so thrilled that I was able to start phase 3 today. Had a great breakfast and lunch and even a snack after lunch! OMG I had no idea apples in cashew butter would be SO GOOD! I have to go buy more cashew butter and some almond butter. I went to the store and got some sugar free snacks that are allowed on this phase. Pudding cups and fudgesicles and popsicles. I can have these things on this phase, just don't want to live on them LOL. I think I prefer the fruit snack anyway! Didn't even have a morning snack, wasn't hungry and was not home either! Got to go shopping today and bought a new outfit! Got a top and shorts and both are a size smaller than I have been buying!!! That is an awesome feeling!!!!!!I have decided that I am going to try to continue to lose weight while on the phase 3 diet. This part is so much like Doug Kauffman's Phase 2 diet I know I will lose weight while eating this way. What I want to do is get down to 200 (only 16 lbs from there) Then have a 6 week maintenance phase, then if I feel I need a boost to help me get started losing again I'll start a round 2 of the HCG. I am making dinner tonight, well I have plans to make dinner all week!! Glad to be doing that again!!

This is so wierd.... all of my kids are gone right now.... This house is so eerily quiet, even with the birds chirping in the chimney and the TV on!! LOL

Well off to start getting dinner stuff ready for tonight!!

Back soon

Sunday, July 11, 2010

HCG Day 26

July 11, 2010
Day 26, 3rd day off HCG drops
Day 24 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 217.2, down 22 lbs

1:00 PM

Well I am so excited to start my phase 3!!! I have my week's menu already planned out! Can finally make meals for the whole family that I can eat too! Really lookin forward to it! Think I may see if i can lose a few more pounds this 1st week on phase 3 then just maintain that weight for 6 weeks. I'd like to have a nice round 25 pounds lost ya know???
Just realised I forgot to change the sate on yesterday's blog! LOL It was a long day!! Gonna go for now! waiting on Mike to get home with groceries!

Cya soon!

5:20 PM

Just had my dinner for my last day on 500 cals. I'm so excited to start eating tomorrow!! I have already printed out a menu for the week for all meals and snacks! Got a meatloaf night (without bread crumbs but thats cool) Basil pork chops night, steak night, Mikes gonna do a drunken turkey on Sunday!! Just a lot of stuff I'm excited to finally be able to have again! Gonna be wierd. Just have to stick with the proper serving sizes and I'll be fine!
I'll pop back in tomorrow!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

HCG Day 25

July 10, 2010
Day 25, 2 days off HCG drops
Day 23 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 217.8, down 21.4 lbs

6:30 AM

As far as the weight goes it is really too early in the morning to be sure. I am up early to get ready to go to Canton for a funeral. My Mema passed away and the Funeral is at 10 am. I'll check my weight again before I get dresse after I dry my hair, but it will still be earlier than my normal weigh in time! It does look like the water pills helped with the swelling in my forehead though! YAY!! I didn't end up looking like a cat person!

Cya later

Friday, July 9, 2010

HCG Day 24

July 9, 2010
Day 24, 1st day off HCG drops
Day 22 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 218, down 21.2 lbs

1:20 PM

OK so I am sorry this is late again! Been otherwise occupied! I decided to stop the drops. Yesterday was my last day on them, now I have 3 more days of 500 cals then I can start phase 3, maintenance! I am up .2 today but the sunburn has really caused a major fluid retention. Bad enough my forehead is swollen!! I took a water pill this morning (had to go buy them) and am drinking LOTS of water. I am hoping my face doesn't look like a cat tomorrow morning at my Mema's Funeral! THAT WOULD SUCK!

Anyway I chose to make yesterday my last day so my new phase would start on Monday! Thought that would make it easier to keep track of than the middle of the week thing!

OK gonna get off here, my daughter wants to get on the computer!!!

Be back later!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

HCG Day 23

July 8, 2010
Day 23 on HCG drops
Day 21 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 217.8, down 21.4 lbs

9:30 AM

OMG WOO HOOO Finally broke the 20 lbs mark!!!! I was told to expect a gain from the sunburn and from the swimming and walking, but I seem to have lost instead! Nearly 2 whole pounds!! I'm just so happy I finally broke 20 lbs! I'd like to hit 25 by the time I go to phase 3, but will be happy with whatever I have after this point!

back later


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HCG Day 22

July 7, 2010
Day 22 on HCG drops
Day 20 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 219.6, down 19.6 lbs

2:45 PM

Sorry this is so late! I took the kids to Hawaiian Falls today and am just now getting home and trying to catch up on my blog!!

I am only down .4 today cuz I weighed in earlier than I have been lately. I was trying to get out of the house early cuz I had stuff to do before they opened!

Got there bout 10:45, I bought sunblock but of course I didn't use it! Man will I NEVER Learn?? I took sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon to snack on and a chicken wrao (cooked chicken breast wrapped in lettuce) for lunch. Actually I'm very hungry now even though I ate lunch there and had about half my apples. Swimming always makes me work up a hunger! Brought LOTS of water too so that's good! We have season passes for me and the kids plus extra day passes so this will become hopefully at least a weekly event! Such great exercise!! I was bummed though cuz the way I like to float in the river they wont let me do anymore! I used the kid life vest to kick back on and kick my legs and use my arms to swim the river. I hate HATE the big huge intertubes they have there so I left a suggestion for them to invest in noodles! Anyway, still it's fun the kids LOVE it! OK I am tired and I wanna chill out. Talk to ya soon!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HCG Day 21

July 6, 2010
Day 21 on HCG drops
Day 19 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 220, down 19.2 lbs

11:00 am

Well I'm officially at 220, that is less than I've been in years!! That feels great!! I plan to only be on the drop for 4 more days! 4 more days on the drops then 3 days on the 500 cal without the drops (it takes 3 days for the HCG to leave your system) then I go onto the 1st half of phase 3!! I have been attempting to make up some sample menus to help me follow protocol on phase 3. Both the 1st 3 weeks and the 2nd 3 weeks. I can't believe I only have a week till I go on to eating at least 1500 cals a day! I will be able to eat eggs, real ranch dressing (I'll make my own) basically I can eat just about whatever I want when I want just no starches or sugars, also I need to go easy on dairy (CHEESE!) they recommend low fat dairy but I don't like to have low fat dairy I think the real stuff is better for you. I was told I can still have the breadsticks and melba toasts I have been having. Which is good cuz I love the garlic breadstick in my salad! LOL. Anyway, I will be on excel for awhile today trying to make up sample menus for my next 6 weeks of the protocol! I'm excited and nervous about it.


Monday, July 5, 2010

HCG Day 20

July 5, 2010
Day 20 on HCG drops
Day 18 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 220.8, down 18.4 lbs

10:36 am

Bout to take a new face pic, hope to see a little difference from last week. I am only 4 pounds lighter though so it may not show as much as the last one did. Still I am pleased to have seen a good 1.2 down today!!

My allergies are still buggin me but I am gonna try to go without meds today. At least till tonight if I need them to get to sleep!

Had a steak burger last night with cabbage on the side. I was missing my cheese though. Not so much missing the bun, but the cheese and mayo would have been nice. Just about a week longer and I can start having that again. Long as it is low fat cheese ;)

Will be back later


Sunday, July 4, 2010

HCG Day 19

July 4, 2010
Day 19 on HCG drops
Day 17 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 222, down 17.2 lbs

9:35 AM

Well I am kinda bummed but not surprised I didn't lose more today. I'm at the point where right now, making my allergies tolerable is more important than wether or not to take something that may stall my loss. This HCG stuff is so sensitive to any little thing it's not funny! That's ok, cuz I know I am still doing very good! I still see this as having lost 17 lbs in 17 days! My last day on the drops is supposed to be the 10th of July. I have timed it so I can be on the 2nd half of the maintenance phase when we go on Vacation. Not that I plan to start eating tons of junk as soon as I hit that phase. I have come to realize that eating lots of junk is never gonna be ok. NOT if I want to stay healthy and strong and be here to watch my kids grow up! This way of eating has given me the knowledge that I can eat good tastey food and it doesn't have to be covered in melted cheese, or gravy or have bread with it to be good! LOL That's not to say I won't indulge in a good old burger once in a while, or some pizza, but it will become the rarity instead of the regular. My healthy food choices are to become the regular food choices now! This is what will make all the difference for me. Realizing my "diet" is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle change. I know everyone says that about every diet, but nothing I have done in the past has stuck, nor have I felt this strongly about it before. I think doing the hcg gave me a major boost because of the energy it has given me and that has given me more confidence that I can do this!

I'm still dealing with allergies and so for the time being my energy is not as high as it was a week ago. But the Benedryl makes me sleepy!! I was able to sleep last night in fact I went to bed at 10:30 and got up about 7 to do my drops then back to bed till 9 AM!

It's 4th of July, we never really do anything much for the 4th so I'm not having any food issues to deal with. Just gonna be a normal eating day for me. If Mike wants to cook out he can just throw me a piece of chicken or steak on the grill too!! LOL

Back later


10:48 AM

Yay! I got my flavored Stevia drops! I now can sweeten my coffee with Hazelnut Cream, Vanilla Cream or Chocolate!! I can also use any of these flavors in smoothies or any other sweet treats I may come up with!



Saturday, July 3, 2010

HCG Day 18

July 3, 2010
Day 18 on HCG drops
Day 16 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 222.4, down 16.8 lbs

8:50 PM

Sorry it is so late! I have bad allergies still and got me some benadryl. It made me very sleepy all afternoon. Just got back from dinner and a movie with the family. We went to Cotton Patch Cafe and I had a burger patty with no bun, all the fixins on the side, I added the pickles and mustard. I also had a side of steamed broccoli! I was able to pass on the rolls and not grab a fry from my kids plate!! LOL I'd say that is a raging success! Now I am aware that because I mixed veggies (pickles and broccoli) and ate something not on the protocol (broccoli) I may stall, but I am willing to live with that. BECAUSE I feel that the way I did choose to eat was healthy choices and it will pay off in the long run! I did make the choices I will be making for the rest of my life! That is what this is all about after all! Life style changes, not doing without just to lose the weight so you can start to eat badly all over again!

OK I gotta rest, my nose is still pluggin up on the left side!! OMG been going on for days and though the benadryl is helping some, I'm still not feeling great!

Be back tomorrow hopefully with better news!


Friday, July 2, 2010

HCG day 17

July 2, 2010
Day 17 on HCG drops
Day 15 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 221.6 down 17.6 lbs

10:15 am

OMG I feel like crap today! Got bad allergies and have to wait till Mike gets home cuz all I can take is Benadryl and Vitamin C!

OK about last night!

Wow had a REALLY good time! I sang my butt off and was really great! I don't usually toot my own horn about my singing but I think I was singing better than I do when I'm drinking. I had more control over my voice. I sang some of my favs that I don't do all the time. Got to get a big voice on There Are Wose Things I Could Do, from the movie Grease. I got to get bluesy with Son Of A Preacherman. I got sweet with Everything I Do, Bryan Adams. And of course several country songs!! I was SO pumped after each song!! It was such a huge rush!!! I had a huge grin from ear to ear and I drank nothing but water with lemon all night!!

Ok so I have no loss of weight to report today. If I did anything that may have "caused" a stall it could be any number of things from yesterday that were different than usual.

1. Only ate 399 calories (500 or even a little over is best, I actually shorted myself 1 fruit and both breads yesterday!)
2. Was out till after midnight didn't get my full 8 hours of sleep
3. Had a LOT of lemon water last night (this should be fine but who knows)
4. Took a walk yesterday, but this should not have caused a stall.
5. I am sick, just allergies but it could be effecting me somehow??

See with this diet any little thing can set off a stall, or even a slight gain. I am just going to stay on program and try to get more food today. Eat everything I am supposed to! Rest a lot cuz I really don't feel well. Hopefully when Mike gets home I can have some relief with the Benadryl! Please GOD let me breathe again!! I'm just so glad the sinus thing didn't stop me from singing last night!

Oh by about 11:30 last night Leanne was pretty toasty and had not eaten so I made her order food at the bar. She got onion rings. That was really the hardest thing to resist LOL. I actually didn't feel a need to drink. I felt pretty pumped. Plus I had a cup of iced coffee while I was getting ready! I was not hungry either till the end of the night, that's also when I started getting really tired, I had a headache, had smoked WAY too many cigarettes (my next bad habit to stop) and was just ready to leave. But the place burned the 1st batch of onion rings and so we had to wait like 30 minutes!! I wasn't gonna leave without feeding her 1st tho, and Leanne said they were AWESOME, and they sure looked and smelled awesome, so I guess they were worth the wait! Oh, I was driving by the way, not Leanne!!! She rode with me and slept here last night! Yet another plus for me not drinking!!

Ummm I think I am done rambling for now!! Feeling tired and all stuffed up!!

Be back later!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

HCG Day 16

July 1, 2010
Day 16 on HCG drops
Day 14 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 221.6 down 17.6 lbs

1:00 PM

Been busy this morning and so I am just now getting to the blog! I have my lunch already cookin will be eating it in a few! Chicken soup with celery! Smells so good!! Was so happy to find the scale go down over a pound! When I 1st got up today it was only .2, but after going back to sleep for awhile and then getting up later and going potty once more, I was down 1.4!!!

I have a test of my will tonight. I'm going out to sing karaoke! My plan is to go to Canuck's at they start at 8, so I'm hoping to get a good 2 hours in and by then I'll probably be getting tired and ready for bed so I am planning on coming home for bed around then. My bestest is coming out with me and she promised to support me and not let me give in to temptation. I really feel like I wont be tempted to drink though because I feel so great now and don't ever want that to go away!!

Oh and I don't know if this is connected to the hormones or if it's due to the rain we have been having but my sinuses are driving me nuts!! Been sneezing all day, nose keeps running! I better NOT be getting sick! I really want to sing tonight!!!!