Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1 Phase 3

July 12, 2010
Day 27, 1st day of Phase 3
Weight 216, down 23.2 lbs
Lost 23 Inches total!

4:00 PM

I am so sorry I am so late to post today. I was very busy earlier today and am just now really getting a chance to just post!
I'm so thrilled that I was able to start phase 3 today. Had a great breakfast and lunch and even a snack after lunch! OMG I had no idea apples in cashew butter would be SO GOOD! I have to go buy more cashew butter and some almond butter. I went to the store and got some sugar free snacks that are allowed on this phase. Pudding cups and fudgesicles and popsicles. I can have these things on this phase, just don't want to live on them LOL. I think I prefer the fruit snack anyway! Didn't even have a morning snack, wasn't hungry and was not home either! Got to go shopping today and bought a new outfit! Got a top and shorts and both are a size smaller than I have been buying!!! That is an awesome feeling!!!!!!I have decided that I am going to try to continue to lose weight while on the phase 3 diet. This part is so much like Doug Kauffman's Phase 2 diet I know I will lose weight while eating this way. What I want to do is get down to 200 (only 16 lbs from there) Then have a 6 week maintenance phase, then if I feel I need a boost to help me get started losing again I'll start a round 2 of the HCG. I am making dinner tonight, well I have plans to make dinner all week!! Glad to be doing that again!!

This is so wierd.... all of my kids are gone right now.... This house is so eerily quiet, even with the birds chirping in the chimney and the TV on!! LOL

Well off to start getting dinner stuff ready for tonight!!

Back soon

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  1. Your pictures on facebook of your breakfast looked yummo!! You have done so well! I am proud of you, I am typing this from my laptop, so maybe it will actually let me post a comment. LOL