Sunday, July 4, 2010

HCG Day 19

July 4, 2010
Day 19 on HCG drops
Day 17 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 222, down 17.2 lbs

9:35 AM

Well I am kinda bummed but not surprised I didn't lose more today. I'm at the point where right now, making my allergies tolerable is more important than wether or not to take something that may stall my loss. This HCG stuff is so sensitive to any little thing it's not funny! That's ok, cuz I know I am still doing very good! I still see this as having lost 17 lbs in 17 days! My last day on the drops is supposed to be the 10th of July. I have timed it so I can be on the 2nd half of the maintenance phase when we go on Vacation. Not that I plan to start eating tons of junk as soon as I hit that phase. I have come to realize that eating lots of junk is never gonna be ok. NOT if I want to stay healthy and strong and be here to watch my kids grow up! This way of eating has given me the knowledge that I can eat good tastey food and it doesn't have to be covered in melted cheese, or gravy or have bread with it to be good! LOL That's not to say I won't indulge in a good old burger once in a while, or some pizza, but it will become the rarity instead of the regular. My healthy food choices are to become the regular food choices now! This is what will make all the difference for me. Realizing my "diet" is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle change. I know everyone says that about every diet, but nothing I have done in the past has stuck, nor have I felt this strongly about it before. I think doing the hcg gave me a major boost because of the energy it has given me and that has given me more confidence that I can do this!

I'm still dealing with allergies and so for the time being my energy is not as high as it was a week ago. But the Benedryl makes me sleepy!! I was able to sleep last night in fact I went to bed at 10:30 and got up about 7 to do my drops then back to bed till 9 AM!

It's 4th of July, we never really do anything much for the 4th so I'm not having any food issues to deal with. Just gonna be a normal eating day for me. If Mike wants to cook out he can just throw me a piece of chicken or steak on the grill too!! LOL

Back later


10:48 AM

Yay! I got my flavored Stevia drops! I now can sweeten my coffee with Hazelnut Cream, Vanilla Cream or Chocolate!! I can also use any of these flavors in smoothies or any other sweet treats I may come up with!



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