Sunday, July 11, 2010

HCG Day 26

July 11, 2010
Day 26, 3rd day off HCG drops
Day 24 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 217.2, down 22 lbs

1:00 PM

Well I am so excited to start my phase 3!!! I have my week's menu already planned out! Can finally make meals for the whole family that I can eat too! Really lookin forward to it! Think I may see if i can lose a few more pounds this 1st week on phase 3 then just maintain that weight for 6 weeks. I'd like to have a nice round 25 pounds lost ya know???
Just realised I forgot to change the sate on yesterday's blog! LOL It was a long day!! Gonna go for now! waiting on Mike to get home with groceries!

Cya soon!

5:20 PM

Just had my dinner for my last day on 500 cals. I'm so excited to start eating tomorrow!! I have already printed out a menu for the week for all meals and snacks! Got a meatloaf night (without bread crumbs but thats cool) Basil pork chops night, steak night, Mikes gonna do a drunken turkey on Sunday!! Just a lot of stuff I'm excited to finally be able to have again! Gonna be wierd. Just have to stick with the proper serving sizes and I'll be fine!
I'll pop back in tomorrow!


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