Friday, July 2, 2010

HCG day 17

July 2, 2010
Day 17 on HCG drops
Day 15 on Phase 2 (low cal phase)
Weight 221.6 down 17.6 lbs

10:15 am

OMG I feel like crap today! Got bad allergies and have to wait till Mike gets home cuz all I can take is Benadryl and Vitamin C!

OK about last night!

Wow had a REALLY good time! I sang my butt off and was really great! I don't usually toot my own horn about my singing but I think I was singing better than I do when I'm drinking. I had more control over my voice. I sang some of my favs that I don't do all the time. Got to get a big voice on There Are Wose Things I Could Do, from the movie Grease. I got to get bluesy with Son Of A Preacherman. I got sweet with Everything I Do, Bryan Adams. And of course several country songs!! I was SO pumped after each song!! It was such a huge rush!!! I had a huge grin from ear to ear and I drank nothing but water with lemon all night!!

Ok so I have no loss of weight to report today. If I did anything that may have "caused" a stall it could be any number of things from yesterday that were different than usual.

1. Only ate 399 calories (500 or even a little over is best, I actually shorted myself 1 fruit and both breads yesterday!)
2. Was out till after midnight didn't get my full 8 hours of sleep
3. Had a LOT of lemon water last night (this should be fine but who knows)
4. Took a walk yesterday, but this should not have caused a stall.
5. I am sick, just allergies but it could be effecting me somehow??

See with this diet any little thing can set off a stall, or even a slight gain. I am just going to stay on program and try to get more food today. Eat everything I am supposed to! Rest a lot cuz I really don't feel well. Hopefully when Mike gets home I can have some relief with the Benadryl! Please GOD let me breathe again!! I'm just so glad the sinus thing didn't stop me from singing last night!

Oh by about 11:30 last night Leanne was pretty toasty and had not eaten so I made her order food at the bar. She got onion rings. That was really the hardest thing to resist LOL. I actually didn't feel a need to drink. I felt pretty pumped. Plus I had a cup of iced coffee while I was getting ready! I was not hungry either till the end of the night, that's also when I started getting really tired, I had a headache, had smoked WAY too many cigarettes (my next bad habit to stop) and was just ready to leave. But the place burned the 1st batch of onion rings and so we had to wait like 30 minutes!! I wasn't gonna leave without feeding her 1st tho, and Leanne said they were AWESOME, and they sure looked and smelled awesome, so I guess they were worth the wait! Oh, I was driving by the way, not Leanne!!! She rode with me and slept here last night! Yet another plus for me not drinking!!

Ummm I think I am done rambling for now!! Feeling tired and all stuffed up!!

Be back later!!


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