Monday, August 30, 2010

HCG Round 2 Day 3

August 30, 2010
Weight 223.2 up 2 lbs from my 1st day on drops

7:30 am

Well I pigged out as best I could this weekend but it was hard cuz I just really didn't want to eat that much! I should have packed on more weight but oh well guess we are gonna see how I feel this week! Hopefully it wont be too bad!

My last HCG weight before was either 218 or 216 depending on which I chose to look at LOL If you remember I had some problems at the end due to a major sunburn. I never was really sure what the weight was. I guess if ya go with the 218 it makes me feel like I did better on maintenance!

Anyway, this is a new round and I am looking forward to losing again! I've been up since 5:30 AM (Lisa has to leave here earlier this year due to highschool). I noticed last night I was sweating all night! GROSS! I don't know if this could be a side effect of the drops or not, I don't remember having that problem last time but I know sometimes hormones can make women have night sweats. It was NOT hot in this house I can tell ya that, however I was hot all night and still am this morning! The kids are freezing and I am not turning the air up cuz I burn up if I do! Oh well they are leaving soon!


It's cool but it sux too cuz I kinda like my kids ya know! I miss them when they are gone and it is too dang quiet here after they leave. All last week, I slept like all day, and then could not sleep at night. So, my schedule got way out of whack! Last night I went to bed b4 12 and so far have stayed up since getting up at 5:30. I hope, now that I'm back on the drops and this low cal phase, I can get back to the normal schedule I was keeping before.

OH by the way I have maintained my kitchen too and kept up with laundry all during mantenance!!! We cleaned house hard before we left for Colorado and it is not perfect by any means but for us it is pretty clean! I still have a lot of projects I need to get to so I am hoping to put my energy (when it comes back) into the house!

My energy has been crap lately. It was slowing down before we went to Co but while there I ate so poorly, I got away from my fruits n veggies and had way too many starches. That continued when we got home, not as much as while on vaca but still I was not eating as well as I should have been. I'd have 1 or 2 veggies or fruits a day instead of making that my main foods. I noticed a HUGE difference in how I felt. Mike keeps saying he misses the energetic me! Man I do too!! Let's see if round 2 does for me what round 1 did!

Anyway, I guess I should get off here. Just did my drops and have to wait 30 minutes b4 drinking, eating or smoking. That's next for me, I wanna quit smoking too, I just don't think I can do it while I am also dieting! Infact that's the only bad thing about the diet, I have started smoking more since I began the diet than I did before. I think it is my way of coping with the urges to munch, instead I'm grabbing a smoke... Not good but I'll deal with that hurdle next!


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